Catherine Wimbrey

Counselor, LPC

Professional Background Summary

  • B.A. in Social Work, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Master of School Counseling, Dallas Baptist University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC)
  • Teacher Certification 4-8 Generalist
  • Counselor Certification K-12
  • Former Social Studies, Science, & Math Teacher
  • School Counselor 2012-Present
  • Private Counselor for 2019-Present

Ministry Background

  • Life Group - Marriage Mentors, 2023-Present

The purpose of life is to find your gift.

The meaning of life is to give that gift away.

Navigating through life’s ups and downs can be challenging. It is through these challenges that we find our inner strength to overcome difficult circumstances. My goal is to partner with you as you celebrate life’s peaks as well as help guide you through the valleys utilizing the skills and strengths that you already possess. Understanding your own power and strengths can be both liberating and empowering. You are taking the first step towards this freedom and it is worth it! I will provide a safe place, free of judgement in order for you to be transparent and authentic in sharing your life experiences. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your yearly check up with your dentist or physician. I want our partnership to last for years going through the seasons of your life for a healthier you.

Ministry. Experience.Passion

Counseling History

I have 11 years experience in the mental health field and 14 years in Education. I have been counseling as a licenced professional for 3 of those years. 

I describe myself as a talk therapist who utilizes different methods to get to the root of your concerns. That means I work with you to help you achieve great mental health and a sense of emotional freedom. My therapeutic approach is to provide compassion and non-judgmental support while guiding you to find your own solutions after addressing the root causes to your current life challenges.

I am a Christian and I enjoy being a follower of Christ. I love doing life with people along with taking every opportunity to be Jesus’s hands in feet, which allows them to experience

Christ’s love for them in the flesh. I believe that "we are the church" and my ministry is to reach those who may never step foot inside of a church building. I also believe that hope comes from a relationship with God. While I am very respectful of your beliefs, the foundation of my practice is based on my biblical beliefs which shapes my worldview. I understand that we all choose our own paths and a spiritual journey is a very personal choice and experience.

I have been happily married to my best friend for 16 years. We have three children and two fur babies. Originally born in West Africa, I pride myself in being a first generation American. My hobbies include decorating, gardening, listening to Christian music, and anything that encourages family and marriage bonding. I look forward to walking along side you on your journey to being your very best for you and your family.

Catherine Wimbrey Psychology Today

Willie Wimbrey

Life Coach

Professional Background Summary

  • B.A. in Art, Texas Wesleyan University
    • Master of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies,                                           University of Texas at Arlington
  • Teacher Certification 6-12 Art
  • Principal Certification K-12
  • Art Teacher 1998-2005
  • Assistant Principal 2005-2014
  • Principal, 2014-Present
  • ​Life and Family Coach, 2022-Present

Ministry Background

  • Ordained Baptist Minister, 1995
  • Licensed Minister, 1995
  • Youth Pastor, 1992-2007
  • Pastor of Family Ministry, 2019-2022
  • Life Group - Marriage Mentors, 2023-Present

I believe that your life is full of potential power designed to leave a beneficial fingerprint on this world. I encourage you to go make it happen. 

You can allow life to happen to you so you can respond to life accordingly, or you can take control of life and make things happens. I want to help you take control of life. I’m sure you want that as well. The painful truth is that it’s much easier to say this than to do this. Therefore, it’s wise to strategically approach life in a way that fits your God given design of your unique personality, talents, desires, challenges, and strengths. Parents, ministers, counselors, life coaches, mentors, teachers, and other roles are components of strategic planning to help others take control of life. My specialty role is to serve others as a life coach through ministering, mentoring, teaching, holding accountable, and cheering on others to create and follow through with goals. 

Ministry. Experience.Passion

I have served as teacher, preacher, and coordinator for many facets of church ministry since 1992. I served as youth pastor in inner city Fort Worth for 15 years. I currently serve as Pastor of Family Ministry in suburban/rural Midlothian. I have facilitated and officiated numerous premarital counseling sessions, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. I have mentored young adults and youth for years.  

Throughout church ministry experiences, I have always considered my 1st ministry as to my family at home -- serving my wife and 3 kids. After ministry at home comes my ministry in my career as a public school Principal. My staff, students, and community members have my heart and mind constantly full of their needs. I serve them wholeheartedly as if I am serving God. I love them and want them to feel wonderful about experiencing each day of school. I want them to feel valued, successful, and better than they did the previous day. This is my way of bringing many people to take control of their lives and enhance their personal living. At no time do I push my beliefs on others, but at all times I live out my beliefs towards others. This is my ministry, experience, and passion. 

I share this information with you so you can understand why I make the decisions I make, why I think the way I think, and why I serve people relentlessly.  I believe that every person is different, every behavior is because of a reason, and that all people can improve in behaviors if they understand the value or problem with their own behavior. I do not prejudge people nor do I shy away from addressing problems. I patiently work with any person with sincere concern for their well being and their increase in life. All people need other people who sincerely care and cheer them on through life. That’s what I do.

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